Service Learning Project from R&P Class

Monday, September 14, 2009

The theme of our Service Learning Project this year is SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Our class has formed 4 groups to work on different areas of this project. I'll start with group #4- BLOG- we will be posting information to keep everyone up to date on the other 3 groups!!!!

Group #3-SOLAR COOKER- this group will be building and demonstrating a real solar cooker!! Awesome!!

Group #2- EEEEK O HOUSE- they will be presenting their ECO-HOUSE during Trick or Treat night!!!! We hope every person will come and check it out!!!

Group #1- SCHOOL PRESENTATION- Last but not least- this group will be interacting directly with the community. They will be going to a local school to discuss the importance of recycling.

Stay tuuned for the next update on these 4 AWESOME groups!!!!